OMBC Church History

The Olivet Monumental Baptist Church (OMBC) was organized Sunday, April 15, 1971 at 1:00 p.m. at the Bethlehem House Community Center. Rev. C. H. Finch served as moderator with Reverends A. L. Lawson, Allen Thomas, and W. W. Thomas as his assistants. This loyal group of baptized believers called as their pastor, the Reverend R. L. Alford. After worshipping six weeks at the Community Center, the Church moved to the A. G. Gaston Boys Club until-December 9, 1973. During our two and a half years stay at the Boys Club, the Lord blessed us spiritually, numerically and financially. Many sours confessed Christ and were added to the Church.

Early in November 1973, the Lord gave us a very, special blessing. We were able to begin the purchasing of our beautiful- worship edifice. On July 20, 1991 the Olivet family was saddened by the death of Reverend W, L. Alford, our beloved pastor of twenty years,

On November 24, 1991 by the appointment of the Holy Spirit and the call- of this membership, Reverend Harold W. Bass became the second pastor of the Olivet Monumental Baptist Church. On June 11, 1995 our Pastor, Harold W. Bass was given full administrative rights over the OMBC ministry with the assistance of the Deacon and Trustee Ministries. We as members are now following leadership, for we have learned that there can only be one Leader.


In 1997 Pastor Bass moved into the parsonage located next to the church. The members asked Pastor Bass to starting looking for a house. Guidance of the Holy Spirit lead the membership to desire that Pastor Bass owned his own home, but Pastor Bass agreed to start looking but decided to not move until God’s house had been renovated pleasing to God.